Why Streaming Matters

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Why Streaming Matters

Why Streaming Matters

There’s a story in all of us, and it’s time for the world to hear yours.
If you’re struggling to build your brand and you haven’t gone live, that’s a problem. The world we
live in today requires a brand to reach its customers beyond the normal means. Why? Because
there’s never been a more crucial time for brands to reach their customers online. The same
goes for individual entrepreneurs, influencers and anyone else trying to make an impact.
People are streaming more than ever! With over 80% of the population either looking for a
streaming service to watch or streaming themselves, it’s no wonder there are so many
streaming platforms to choose from. The people have spoken, and the demand is there. As a
business, you want to put yourself in front of the people that could benefit from your products
and services.


Why Streaming Matters?

Here are some of the top reasons why streaming your content matters:
● Streaming helps you be your natural self. Your audience wants you to be authentic, and when you are live and up close and personal, it allows you the opportunity to connect one-on-one with the person watching you.
● When you go live before your audience, you have the opportunity to share your story in a way written content never could. Your story will help consumers know why you stand out from your competitors and why they should do business with you.
● When you live stream, you’ll always have content that can be viewed or repurposed later.


Transition Your Business Strategy to Include TV

With all of the different streaming platforms, none shines as bright as television. If you want
sustainable growth, brand awareness, and an advertising strategy that delivers the results you
want, you can’t beat advertising on television. TV is the number one builder for brands and the
leader in the time consumers spend on media each day (5 hours and 24 minutes).

Use television to grow your business:
● Increase your sales - small businesses see an increase in their sales after investing in
television advertising.
● See real results - Over 70% of people take action after seeing an ad on television.
● Drive customers to your website - About 65% of people say television ads influence
what they search for online. Your business should be among them.
● Tell your story - People feel a connection with a story that resonates with them.


Why ZondraTV?

The Zondra TV Network is a community with a desire to help you get your story out there. Our
network is designed to showcase your business on global TV. We do this in multiple ways:
● Advertising
● Biz Talk
● Getting You Ready to Produce

ZondraTV Network was designed specifically for small business entrepreneurs and
solopreneurs. Our team is passionate about providing an affordable platform for small
businesses to scale and grow their business locally, nationally and globally. We realize that
small business owners have limited advertising budgets, which limits their ability to go after their
big dreams.

ZondraTV is available on Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, BixVod, Hulu, AppleTV, and more. Roku
alone has over 29 million accounts. Add to that active accounts for the others, and we have a
distribution to 150 million viewers — that gives your content an even larger audience potential.

So many business owners believe that social media sites are the only platform to broaden their
reach. The truth is, you do need social media, but there is so much more to consider if you’re
focused on scaling and growing your business. Videos are a valuable, powerful way to tell your
brand’s story, showcase your product or service, and engage with your target audience. We’re
not just talking infomercials; we’re talking about compelling, interesting, and emotionally
engaging storytelling that can make your business come to life on TV.

We customize your advertising package so that it reaches your target audience with precision
and speed. If you have been struggling with acquiring the right exposure, look no further!
ZondraTV will help you authentically expand your reach to local, national and global markets.

It’s time to digitize your business so you can thrive in this digital age. On Zondra TV Network,
you’ll be heard, you’ll be seen, and you will grow. It’s time to transition your business strategy to
include streaming TV, and we can show you how.


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