Female Disruptors: “How Zondra Evans is breaking paradigms by encouraging small businesses to be early adopters of streaming TV”

Zondra Evans

In business, there are a lot of shiny objects that come your way. It becomes critically important that you stay the course and accept those things that will move you and your organization forward. Therefore, understanding needs no explanation! Stay true to the vision and know “Why” you are doing what you do. You’re WHY is the way to evaluate the best next steps.

Asa part of our series about women who are shaking things up in their industry, I had the pleasure of interviewing Zondra Evans. Zondra has 40+ years of corporate experience and is the founder and owner of ZondraTV Network. She is a Talk Show Host and Executive Producer of Real Biz Talk with Zondra, a global TV platform created to showcase small businesses on Roku, Biz TV, Apple TV and Amazon Fire, just to name a few. She also hosts an unscripted Talk Show called “Fireside Chat with Zondra” that is a feature show on Zondra TV found on Roku. One of Zondra’s main goals is to provide a global, yet affordable media exposure experience for small business entrepreneurs and solopreneurs. Her motto is… — “Be Heard, Be Seen and Grow”. Zondra is a motivational speaker and is known for her revitalizing messages which makes her the inspired choice for memorable and entertaining, seminars, lunches, and partner programs. She is an Author, Certified Self-Investment Coach and Strategist where she assists people on how to best navigate the terse waters of their personal and professional journey. She resides in Dallas Texas and is a lifetime fan of the Dallas Cowboys!

Thank you so much for doing this with us! Can you tell us a story about what brought you to this specific career path?

Iworked in Corporate America for 40 years. About 4 years ago I received the “Golden Handshake”. This is the elegant way to say “They no longer need my services”. To my surprise, I was one step from skipping through the hallways while other people were sobbing about the news of their lay off. I realized that the one difference between me and them was, I had developed an exit strategy and made great strides at accomplishing those strategies while things were good in good old Corporate America. I took my exit plan, blew the dust off of it and immediately began executing. I got my feet wet and started a very humble webinar service for women to experience motivation in the comfort of their homes monthly, which included a weekly motivational video from “Yours Truly”. This business was my preparation to the creation of ZondraTV Network

Can you tell our readers what it is about the work you’re doing that’s disruptive?

I’m breaking paradigms and shattering the norm by encouraging small business to be early adopters of streaming TV. ZondraTV has developed a global streaming platform specifically for small business entrepreneurs, so that small business have an affordable landscape to tell their story, run professional commercial advertisements which includes GEO targeting to the zip codes that the business desires to increase their exposure and potential new business. I consider myself on a personal crusade to educate start-ups, small business entrepreneurs and solopreneurs the importance of early adaption of streaming technology beyond our typical social platforms that are saturated with a lot of white noise with an average of 155 friends yet there are 2.2 Million users and the age old question is: “What is your conversion rate?” How will small business make a bigger impact is by reframing their mindset from a “local focus” to a truly global landscape that is offered through streaming TV. ZondraTV Network is well positioned to help small business thrive and have the same tools that will fit any self-employed business owner. In fact, I can state boldly that our pricing is the most cost effective in the industry for the myriad of services that we provide.

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Meet Zondra Evans

Today we’d like to introduce you to Zondra Evans.

Two years ago, Zondra Evans set her sights on shattering the norms for minority business owners, specifically minority women in business. In less than 24 months, with her eyes focused on serving and building upon her two decades of corporate leadership, Zondra Evans has become the go-to icon for helping women build the necessary skills to be revered as respected leaders and accessing one’s true power and potential.

After years of mentoring others and working with her life coach, Zondra was able to solidify her true purpose and establish an innovative and creative media platform. She has created a business model that helps others reframe their mindset and address barriers that may be causing anxiety, unwanted stress, and frustration in one’s life. “I help women build the necessary skills to be a respected leader. Whether you are a leader or not, it’s mission-critical that you learn the power of accessing your potential and delivering your cohorts the authentic, genuine YOU,” says Evans.

“Working in Corporate America is quite different from starting and owning your own business,” says Evans. “Leaping into business for yourself can be sobering as you navigate through unchartered territory.” Zondra knows that having a business is a tough journey and often, we feel by ourselves. Her journey has set her up for the success and wisdom to help Small Business Owners work through the fear and potential anxiety associated with working for themselves.

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