Zondra TV Network started this streaming TV Journey over 5 years ago when we realized that there was a movement and evolution occuring on how consumers ingested information. We are a full service Digital Marketing and Advertising Agency that now owns major distribution on the top OTT (Over the Top) platforms in the world. In case you haven’t been watching, over 53 million active accounts - potential viewers are on ROKU only. Add to that number, Amazon Fire TV; Apple TV; BCTV, EZ Way TV, Toni TV in Australia and yes Zondra TV Network owns our own distribution of OTT (Over-The-Top) on Demand streaming to well over 350 Million potential viewers.

We also have distribution on Hulu with the ability to GEO target commercial advertisements that guarantees a reach of a minimum of 10k viewers in 30 short days. Often times we limit our thinking that social media sites are the only platform to broaden our reach. The truth is you do need social media, but there is so much more to consider if you are focusing on scaling and growing your business. Videos are a valuable, powerful way to tell your brand’s story, to showcase your product or service, and to engage with your target audience. We’re not talking infomercials here, we’re talking about compelling, interesting, and emotionally engaging storytelling that can make your business come to life on TV.

Many small businesses have felt the budget constraints when it comes to public access beyond social media. That's one of the reasons why Zondra TV Network (ZTV) was created. We begin with the end in mind "To help small businesses on limited budgets, DREAM again and engage on a larger scale locally, nationally and globally. We provide a platform for your business to come alive and potentially be accessed by millions globally on a daily basis. We transform your product or service from a one-dimensional commodity in the mind of your target audience into a multi-dimensional solution that they can connect with, that they can imagine using in their own lives, that they can't imagine living without. Video done right, with the right level of exposure marketing can make your business unforgettable. We are passionate about ensuring that your business experiences uncompromising quality at an affordable price

What is Zondra TV

Why Zondra TV Network

Zondra TV Network was designed with a robust OTT Platform on ROKU with a web portal that is a replica of what viewers see on Roku TV. We are a multiple International Award Winning Network. We are proud that we have built the network with strong collaborative partners like BCTV (Black Contemporary TV). Given our multi-platform distribution network, we can proudly say that our reach is unlike anyone else in the streaming industry. Not many companies can say that they are on multiple Roku Channels one of which is company owned and operated. Also, our distribution reaches all major streaming devices such as, Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV. The ZTV team has over a decade of experience in the streaming arena which has resulted in our ability to produce a quality product from start to finish. We pride ourselves on not only being a major distributor of content on TV, we also include Online Digital Advertisement using AI (Artificial Intelligent) technology to land our clients digital ads in Zip Codes, Addresses, Cities, States and yes International.