Signs, Wonders and Miracles

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Signs, Wonders and Miracles

Signs, Wonders and Miracles
We all have a deep connection with others, some to the point that we don’t even realize. We all
have a story to share and when we don’t share it, someone somewhere is missing out on an
important message that will help get them through their toughest moments. When we do share,
we’re connecting on a deeper level and impacting the lives of people we may not even know.
Such is the case with Nadine B. Smith, who spends her time positively impacting people.
Through Life Changes Club International, a global faith-based organization with a mission to
change lives for the better, Nadine spends time supporting missions that help feed and clothe
those in need and celebrate women who are making a difference with the resources they have
in the community.


Everyone Needs Guidance
Nadine considers herself a servant and provides seven-star leadership training to help people
be leaders. The highest form of leadership is excellence. She wants everyone to love to serve
and lead in excellence. She says that leadership is responsibility. Everyone needs guidance,
and Nadine works with companies, churches, and individuals to give them the tools to stand out
as coaches. According to Nadine, “People are buying into you before they buy into your ideas.
We train you to become the best version of yourself.”
Indeed, people don’t buy a website, logos, and colors; they buy you. You are the most valuable
asset and the truest resource a person can have. Nadine understands that and works tirelessly
to help people to understand their gifts and talents are not for them but a greater purpose.
Many of us claim leadership, but if you don’t have followers, your leadership is questionable.
Whose lives are you affecting? Leadership is about pouring into people. Are you pouring into
people? Do you know your greater purpose?


Where It All Started
With over 20 years in wealth management and estate settlement teaching legacy to others,
Nadine came to realize that people are very strategic and intentional in what they have.
Jamaica-born, and an advent lover of God, Nadine recently had a chance to show just how
important it is to be intentional and strategic in everything she does. Every day she teaches
people about their purpose and worth, based on her faith principles. The principles that each of
us came into the world with vision and purpose on the inside, so there is an expectation for that
purpose to be effective on this earth because we each have a solution to bring to this earth.


And Then It Happened ...
As Nadine speaks life into others to help them along in their journey, she uses that same
direction when she’s faced with one of the scariest, heartbreaking circumstances any mother
could possibly face. It is believed that we should never let life circumstances define us, but allow
the circumstances to create depth in our character. How we respond dictates how we recover.
Nadine also stands on that principle, and it shows as she shares her life-changing story ...
This year, during the pandemic, Nadine faced a situation most mothers would not even know
how to get through. But she faced it head-on. In essence, she told the enemy to bring it.
Nadine made what some would feel was a routine trip to bring her college son home to nurse
him well. He was experiencing some symptoms similar to Covid: fever, headache, nausea. Test
results showed it wasn’t Covid, so doctors thought it was meningitis. But it wasn’t that either,
and by the next day, he crashed; he had no pulse. He was immediately put on five different
antibiotics, his heart rate skyrocketed, his blood pressure dropped, he was put in ICU, and on a
ventilator. One hundred percent of his breathing was from the ventilator.
How does a mother go from having a healthy, normal son one minute to one who is literally only
surviving by thousands of wires and multiple machines feeding into him the next? He was on a
heart-pumping machine, a ventilator, and dialysis. His lungs were gone, his kidneys had shut
down, his body septic was seven times the normal limit, his muscles had deteriorated, and he
was on life support. Essentially, he had died … multiple times.
The doctors told her his stomach had swollen, and it looked like a bomb had exploded in his
As a mother, what do you do? What would you do? Nadine had tough choices, and she decided
to take the road she spends so much time pouring into others. She did with her son, what she’s
done with so many others she’s mentored and trained over the years. She remained strategic
and intentional throughout and spoke life into the situation.


What’s Your Story
We all have a story. And Nadine shares hers and outlines exactly what she did as we
experience the signs, wonders and miracles that only God can create. Nadine held fast to her
beliefs, to her upbringing, and to what she spends so much time teaching others.
Miracles do happen, and you need to hear Nadine’s. Hear more of her story here.

There’s a story in you right now that needs to be birthed. It needs to come out. And people need
to hear it because your story is not for you. Your story could be for someone you don’t even
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