How To Write Your BizTizMent

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How To Write Your BizTizMent

If you would like to watch a video about writing the BEST BizTizMent copy, please watch Zondra TV Senior Producer David Curlee explain here by copying and pasting the following link:

Hi! I’m Dave Curlee, VP of Production here at ZondraTV.
I’m excited that you’re joining our BizTizMent directory. The whole ZTV team believes that this can be a very useful tool for business owners like you and for people looking to find your products and services.

Let’s take a look at the core of your BizTizMent.

Your BizTizMent is at the heart, your ‘elevator pitch’ but on video. It’s a short 30-45 second “who I am and what I do” statement that you can tell anyone, anytime, anywhere. The goal is that someone who has no idea about you or your business, can walk away with a solid idea of what your business is and how they can benefit from your product or service. 

Even the most seasoned business owner who ‘rules’ the networking scene can get tongue-tied when it comes to briefly describing their business. What should I say? Will they ‘get it’? We all want to make sure that we completely explain things…. And that can get boring in a first encounter. 

Enter “The Elevator Pitch”....and your BizTizMent.

If you have already developed your pitch, then to make it a BizTizMent, you just need to add a call to action (CTA). This can be something as simple as “Visit my website at and book an appointment.” or “Go to and book your free 15 minute call and see how I can help you save 50% on your mortgage.”

Here’s the script for my BizTizMent: 

I’m Dave Curlee from Church Media Creators and if you want to learn how to leverage video, amplify the Gospel, and change lives, then you need to grab a free copy of “Live Streaming for Churches - The Easy Way” and see just how easy it is to add video and live streaming to your ministry. It’s a POWERFUL tool! Go to and grab your free guide. That’s - I can’t wait to meet you. Lets go change lives!

[Image and link to Dave’s BTM]

This succinctly introduces me, my company’s name and states our value proposition - “If you want to learn how to….” It then directs them to a landing page on my site, where they can download a free pdf that can help start them down the path of adding live streaming to their ministry. This action from them, gets them in my email list so that I can start building a relationship with them and convert them to a client.

Here’s a basic script that you can use as a guide to writing your BizTizMent: 

My name is [NAME] and I help [you or companies] [explain what you do succinctly]. I find that most [people or companies] want to [have X problem solved] but may not know where to start, that’s where I come in. [People or companies] that I work with see [successful result] within [time frame]. Come visit my website at [] and [action you want them to take]. I’m looking forward to meeting you [working with you, helping you x,y, and z]. That’s []

Now, you should write out your script. I highly recommend that you only have one call to action. That can be to your lead magnet landing page, or to a landing page to book a discovery call with you, or to the product page of the product your promoting. 

I also recommend that you have a domain name specific to this call to action. In my example, I have domain called “” - that goes right to a page where they provide name and email and the pdf is sent to them. It’s easy to remember as opposed to “ blah blah”

Doing this will give you an easily marketable domain to route people to for something specific you’re offering.  

Now, work up your BizTizMent script and in the next email, I’ll show you how to easily shoot it. 


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