What’s Your Story?

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What’s Your Story?

What’s Your Story?

In today’s fast-paced, digital society, authentic interaction has gone by the wayside. It’s getting harder for businesses to connect with their audience. Social media keeps them in front of them, but only if they can keep up. A lot is required to maintain the social connections needed to fully engage your customers.

Add the countless hours needed to create impactful content and strategy around your brand. It’s no wonder so many companies have given up trying to keep up and are just making do with what they have always been doing.

Time's up! Your customers want more. They want a genuine connection with you. It’s time to engage with your audience on a deeper level. That can happen when you tell your story.

What is Brand Storytelling?
Brand storytelling is the pulling together of the facts and emotions that tell how your brand started — how it came to be. It’s an authentic narrative of why your brand exists and why consumers should trust in you and buy from you. Brand storytelling pulls at the heartstrings of your customers. Through your story, they see you — beyond social media!

Why Does Storytelling Matter?
As social beings, humans are wired to engage. It’s important to feel important to others, and if you're a customer, it’s important to know that the businesses you support, truly support and care about you. So, brand storytelling connects your customer to you in a way like never before, especially in a time where most everyone is connecting online the majority of the time. Here are some reasons why storytelling matters:

It Grabs Your Customer’s Attention
Initially, you need to win a person’s attention. With so many distractions, there’s no reason for anyone to watch any of your ads. They can easily block it out, fast forward, mute, or just ignore it. When customers have these many options, you need to be able to get their attention. Once you have their attention the first time, they’ll continue to watch. But if you never get it, they’ll never see you. Start with telling your story. People love stories of the heart. You’re human, and they need to see that.

Stories Sell Better
Once that customer sees you, you now have their attention. Keep the stories coming, don’t stop now. Through your stories, they’ll learn to trust you. They’ll tell others about you. Your stories will get them to click on the ‘Buy Now’ button.

Your Story is Unique
No one else has your story. It’s unique to you. And that’s what sets you apart. It even sets you apart from your competitors. There’s a pain point around why you do what you do. Don’t forget to tell that part of the story. It’s going to resonate with people watching, and they’ll get you. They’ll want to support you because they love your product or service. But they’ll always support you when they find that unique connection that resonates with you.

How To Market Your Story

There are many ways to market your story. Social media is a popular route that many businesses take to connect with their customers. But with the upswing of streaming TV, it makes sense to start strategizing how to reach people from the platforms they’re on most. 

More and more businesses are advertising their business through non-traditional sources, and streaming TV is one of them. Televised marketing campaigns have reached more than 84 million households through streaming channels. That means, when they’re watching Roku TV, Hulu, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, NetFlix, etc., they’re watching the ads. They’re hearing and seeing the stories of many brands who have taken their stories global. You could be among those businesses.

What are The Benefits of Advertising on Streaming TV?
⦁    Unlike traditional television, streaming TV allows a business more benefits. These are just some of them:
⦁    An opportunity for brands to reach highly engaged viewers.
⦁    An opportunity to target audiences based on keywords, zip codes, interest, and other factors specific to the target audience you are trying to reach.
⦁    An opportunity to better reach your brand’s target audience.
⦁    Advertisements are not skippable.
⦁    Advertisements can be capped at three times previewing to stay at the top of a viewer’s mind.
⦁    Businesses can know when and where ads were viewed and from what type of device.

How You Can Start Telling Your Story on Streaming TV
When it comes to small businesses having an affordable platform to scale and grow their businesses locally, nationally, and globally, there’s no better opportunity than Zondra TV Network. Zondra TV Network is designed specifically for small business entrepreneurs and solopreneurs and is ready to work with businesses that may have much smaller budgets than the big, corporate companies.

Zondra’s top three TV providers are Roku, AppleTV, and Amazon FireTV. Businesses have two options for commercial:
⦁    Developed by Zondra Network TV - Zondra TV Network can develop your custom commercial advertisement with their professional scriptwriters and graphics team.
⦁    Pre-Produced - The business submits a high resolution 30-second commercial advertisement and your commercial will be televised and presented to the world.

Commercial Packages
Zondra TV’s Top 3 Providers (Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon FireTV)
⦁    Six months on Zondra TV Network
⦁    Layered around one show based on available spots
⦁    Online digital advertisements and custom landing pages
⦁    Assets available for social media marketing
⦁    Payment plans available at zero percent interest rate

All Inclusive (Zondra TV’s Top 3 + Hulu)
⦁    Six months on Zondra TV Network
⦁    Plus, 30 days on Hulu
⦁    Layered around one show based on available spots
⦁    Online digital advertisements and custom landing pages
⦁    Assets available for social media marketing
⦁    Payment plans available at a zero percent interest rate

Hulu (Distribute your commercial on Hulu)
⦁    One month on Hulu
⦁    Viewership of 10,000 to 15,000 
⦁    You choose the demographics based on your audience preference spots
⦁    Assets available for social media campaign
⦁    Custom design team included
⦁    Payment plans available at a zero percent interest rate

Connect With Us!

ZondraTV will work with you one-on-one to ensure your audience hears your story. 

Schedule your free commercial evaluation so we can learn more about your goals and what you do. We’ll strategize with you to help you reshape your consumer experience and business landscape.

There’s a story in all of us, and it’s time for the world to hear yours.


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